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Please view our videos in YouTube to find out about Study Buddy. Kindly search for Study Buddy PH.
What is
Presenting presents Study Buddy, our major offering. Study Buddy for parents is a tool to access free ready-made reviewers as well as make new ones. After selecting or creating reviewers, parents then assign this to their kids, who answer them on Study Buddy for kids. Reports are instantaneous as Reviewers are automatically corrected. Parents can also share their Reviewers to the community or their friends, thus making the library larger.

Teachers can also take the advantage of this free service. For teachers, assigning the work to entire sections is possible. Teachers will find that Study Buddy is an effective tool to store their work, thus eliminating repetitive work of making these again. Certainly, they will find auto-correction as a great time saver. For more information of how teachers can take advantage of Study Buddy, please contact us.